Thursday, February 27, 2014

I hate all seasons.

You are being warned... this is gonna get a little personal.

So summer's coming. Did you know that? I mean it's 40 degrees outside right now (at least in Texas, I know my northern friends are FREEZING!) but everywhere I turn I'm bombarded with, "Get your beach body ready", "Summer will be here before you know it", "Time for shorts! Are you ready?". And then this lovely little one, stumbled onto my screen during my Pinterest browsing:

Okay. I get it. It's supposed to be funny. And then I thought about it and it crawled under my skin and here I am. Seething. Wanting to throw things. Because this little gem, it feels like truth. That's how my brain works. I can't wait to go to the pool, except I really hate the way I look in my swimsuit. I'm really looking forward to taking the boys to the park, except I'm sure my thighs are going to jiggle in my shorts and no one wants to see that. And don't even let my mind wander into tank top territory and how much I loathe my arms. 

I'm a size 14. I'm average. And I despise being average with everything in me. Everywhere I turn the magazines and the motivation boards and the workout pins and the food blogs and the television shows and the news, tell me, that my average body is just not good enough. I need a thigh gap... and by golly I WANT one, I NEED one! Why? Well because I'm supposed to, right? Heaven knows if I had one I'd enjoy summer so much more because then my thighs wouldn't rub together and then I wouldn't get the dreaded lady part sweat. You know let's just call it what it is: VAGINA SWEAT!!! I know it's not pretty to think about but it happens. Boob sweat happens too.

And I WANT wedding arms. Whatever the hell that is because my wedding was 9 years ago! But those arms look so good. That perfectly toned shoulder and bicep. The non-jiggly tricep. 

And I WANT that damn BRAZILIAN BOOTIE! Except I'm not Brazilian, and even in my thinner days I had no ass to speak of (white girl flat ass... it's a thing), and doing lunges is next to impossible because of how bad my knees are. I just fall over and it isn't graceful. 

And I WANT to be skinny. I know. (blah)  I'm supposed to say "I want to be healthy." (blah) "I want to be fit." (blah) "I want to be strong." (blah) But you ask any woman my size or larger what they really feel? How they really think? And I promise you, once you get to the core of it, we just want to be thin. Right, wrong or indifferent. We just want to stop being average and start looking like all the images we see EVERYWHERE! Because all of those images tell us we're not average. They tell us that if what we see everywhere is a size 2 than that is average and we are fat and we are bad and we are wrong for existing. Sounds harsh right? Truth hurts.

And you know what's really funny, I think I actually do prefer the cold but I'm not sure if that is a personality preference I've always had or if that's just something I've tricked my brain into believing over the last few years because I despise summer clothes and my body. I tell people I prefer winter. That I like to layer and love all the sweaters and boots and scarves. And because hating my body has become such an ingrained part of who I am I can't even distinguish the truth anymore. Do I love winter? Or do I love summer? I just really don't know. And I think that's something we should all be able to answer.

So here I sit, wanting it stay cold forever even though I can't feel my fingers as I type because of how cold they are! Loathing a season that isn't even here yet because I'm worrying over people I don't know staring at the cellulite that has cropped up on my thighs over the last year or the arm jiggle as I push my kids in a swing or my belly flab as slip into the pool as fast as possible hoping to hide all of my imperfections. Here I sit picking apart everything about me because some damn eecard that was supposed to be humorous just ended up pissing me off. And making me cry. 

And in my heart. Somewhere in the deepest, darkest recesses, I know I'm good enough just as I am. That I'm a damn fine mother and wife and woman. And that I've got no one to compare myself to because there is only one me and while I may want to change things about myself, the want to change does not mean I'm not a wonderful person the way I am. It just means I'm searching for growth and self-acceptance and inner confidence. And I should love myself. 

I should love myself. 

I should love myself.

I'm going to work on loving myself. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I'm a little flabbergasted by myself lately. Who is this woman who constantly berates and belittles herself? Who is this woman who suddenly sees herself through dull and shattered lenses? Who is this woman with the "I can't do anything" attitude?

I'm not sure how I got here, since not so long ago I was so positive that I could put one foot in front of the other and successfully walk myself into a new and better world that could build me up to being the woman I'm meant to be. That all sounds so uplifting doesn't it? Yeah. Well. That is definitely not the way I feel right now.


I feel lost. I look in the mirror and I see little that I recognize. A woman who hates her body. A woman who struggles to find focus. A woman who is pretty sure she's failing at being a mother lately. Failing at being a wife. A woman who should go to the gym but instead decides it's totally okay to eat that entire box of Thin Mints (Damn Girl Scout Cookie Season!!!). Because the food will make me feel better, right? Yeah. That'll happen.

And what's worse is that face looking back at me offers me no forgiveness. She offers me nothing in the way of comfort or grace. Ah. That's waht I need right now. A little grace. No. GRACE.

As in the biblical Grace. As in my Father forgives the sins of my body and my heart and my mind and covers me in Grace. Covers me in Grace when I don't know how to. Covers me in Grace when I can't figure out why I deserve it. Covers me in Grace when my questions are simply too much and too many to answer and He knows that what I truly need is a little Grace. God Grace. Heavenly Grace. His Grace.

And to ultimately give myself a little grace. And say, "tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will make better choices. Tomorrow I'll be kinder to myself, because there is always tomorrow." God has given me that. A tomorrow. A place and time to begin again. A knowledge that we learn and we live and hopefully, sometimes, we live and we learn. And in that process we lean on His Grace. Because we must. Because without it we are simply falling over. Falling into holes we've dug time and time again. And inside these holes are our fears and our imperfections and our inner (read: unkind) voices. And we cannot live in these holes.

At least I can't. I want the light and the kindness and the joy that I know is waiting for me if I can just trust in His Grace and climb. One foot in front of the other. A little bit higher. And lift myself up. So that I'm uplifted by His grace. So that when I look in that mirror I see a woman who has a God of love by her side. And He has covered her in that love and she feels amazing. She looks amazing. Because she has allowed herself the grace to become who she is supposed to be.

Yep. I've gotta get there. Time to climb.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Lesson in Judgement

Hello blog! Long time no post! Nothing like a little anger to inspire the fingers and mind...

Last night my hubby and I decided we didn't want to stay in for dinner. So we loaded up the boys (and the devices of course!) and headed to Salsa. Its not a big fancy restaurant by any means. Its a local Frisco favorite of ours, as it is next door to our church and they always run coupons in the local magazines. 20% off every time we eat here? Sound good to me!

Anywho, I knew Logan was a bit whiny: no nap at preschool = a 20 minute cat nap in the car between the house and the bank and home again = waking up more tired than revived. But as it turns out, I'd skipped an ingredient on my grocery list this weekend so the casserole I'd planned on, was a no go and in all honesty, I just really didn't feel like cooking. So should we have gone out? No. But we did, so there.

We get to Salsa and the fighting has already began. Logan wants to play with the iPad not the Nook. This is the constant battle in our house. The Nook is only cool to Mommy, not to any of the men in the house. But you know what? It has Angry Birds and that's all Logan's going to play anyway! Of course it's Star Wars Angry Birds and not Space Angry Birds so of course his little world is imploding. Is there a difference? Really? He eventually gives in as he realizes he isn't going to win (see, we stood our parental ground! +1 for the parents!) and plays with the Nook. Food comes, another battle there, I've really got to stop letting them put the french fries on his plate! But he eats... sort of. So he's had 1 chicken strip and we're trying to get him to eat the other one. At home, he'd eat 5 without a problem, but of course, because we're out, it must be a battle of stubborn will!

Meanwhile a family has arrived. A set of grandparents, a mom and a little girl around 18 months. I teach preschool, I know how old the kiddo was. They were nothing spectacular, they sat across from us, the little girl was playing with mom's iPhone (no judgement here!) although she was spitting her quesadilla all over it, but maybe you have more money than I do and can replace that iPhone whenever you need to... not my call to make.

Logan progressively melts down. He's screaming about not wanting to eat but he wants to play with the iPad when he gets home... sorry dude, you don't get rewards for poor behavior. Jason takes him to the bathroom for a little private Daddy/ Logan talk. While he did drop the argument, now he's just a crying mess.

Now let me stop you here. Yes, by now I know it is more than time to go. I'm trying to get paid out and leave but you know sometimes waiters have jobs and we have to be patient as we aren't their only table. I get that. So we inform Logan he has one more chance to calm down or he and Daddy are going to have to go wait in the car. He loses his shit! That probably doesn't even come close to explaining what happened but it's the best I've got. He just screamed. And while my kid is prone to screaming in a silly, goofy, crazy, playful way this is not something he normally does out of anger or frustration in the middle of a restaurant. I. Mean. Shrieked! Like a banshee. Everyone stared. And while I was mildly embarrassed, kids throw tantrums, especially 3 year olds and it isn't the end of the world. So my husband removed him. While he screamed death upon the restaurant.

And then I looked up. And self righteous grandmother is holding up her red napkin to cover her mouth while side glancing at me over the top of it. Now, I know I have no idea what she said but since her daughter (could be her daughter-in-law for all I know) and her husband glanced (please read: outright turned their heads to look directly at me) my way, I get the gist of her talking points. My whole body began to shake. Forget being angry at my kid. I am so over all the judgment. From other mothers, other women in general. Parenting, motherhood, it's damn hard. And we all do the very best we can. So keep your comments to yourself.

While I waited for the check I stared at her. I couldn't help it. Here you are a woman who has raised her kids. Done her time. And you are still passing out your judgement? You're still staring at younger mothers thinking how you could have done it better? Please tell me how you haven't learned anything in your 55+ years? You don't remember what it felt like to be me? What, your kids were angels? They never misbehaved in public?

So I paid my check, and I checked my anger and I walked up to her table. And I said, "Just because you hold up your napkin doesn't mean I don't know you are talking about me and my child. Mind your own F'ing business!" And I walked away. I'm sure people stared. But I didn't look back because to be honest I was really proud of myself. For standing up for myself as a mother. I don't do it often enough. And yes, I said F'ing, even though it wasn't nearly as gratifying but there was a child at the table and children in the restaurant. So I'll say it here...


All of you! Laugh. Look at me with empathy. Smile and say you've been there. But don't you dare climb up onto that shiny, white pedestal and start preaching your own version of how mothers ought to do things. Because I have news for you: there isn't just one way. I wish there was. I wish we all read one book and we all did it one way. It would sure as a hell be easier. But it would also be so damn boring. I like that we're all different. I like that we are all raising our children differently. I don't want to live in a world where everything is the same.

And with all of that, here is my apology: To any mother I've ever judged. I'm sorry. I know better. I know it's hard, I know you're tired. I know we all had grandiose plans of what it would all look like and not a damn one of them has come true. I know we planned on teaching letters and numbers with smiles and endless praise as they surpassed all of our stupid goals we'd set. And in reality they tore up the flash cards and threw them at our face and we fell asleep on the playroom floor.

I know you wanted to breastfeed more than anything in whole wide world. And you couldn't. So you cried and you bought a can of formula.

I know you wanted to stay home and do everything with your kiddo. Everything was going to be homemade and magical. And you hated every second of it. And that is okay.

So lets start passing out those apologies. Lets start granting forgiveness. Lets put our arms around each other and figure out how we walk this walk together.

But to that grandmother at Salsa last night, Fuck You.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An Angry Texas Woman

Last night I felt both proud and utterly ashamed to be a Texan. Up until I became a parent I considered myself to be a Christian Republican. Maybe a little more liberal than your average Republican as I've always been pro-choice and for marriage equality but a conservative none-the-less. I knew what none of that meant.

I was raised by the son of a son of a son who all fought in our country's wars, WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. I'm a card carrying member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and if I so chose could do the same for Daughters of the Texas Revolution. I was raised on American pride and American ego and to an even further degree Texas pride which goes hand in hand with the Texas ego. We are the only state in the nation that can literally be picked out by any child in any classroom almost worldwide. Seriously, show a kid in Japan a picture of the State of Texas and he'll tell you what and where it is. We're bigger, we're better and we don't mind telling you.

And to be honest I don't mind any of that. I'm proud to be a Texan, I have the big hair and the big... um... lady parts, to prove it. See Texas women are southern but with a harder edge. We can set a formal dinner table and kill the meat to put on it. We can kiss our children good night and be up at dawn to drive cattle. And we were raised being told we could do anything we want, say anything we want. And I always believed in that.

Until last night.

I'd seen it coming. That wish from the men in our state that maybe they shouldn't have done such a good job raising us Texas women to be so opinionated. Maybe they should have quieted us a little more when we were younger. Maybe they should have tried to kill the Texas spirit that seems to grow wild and free within us.

Ever since college, my first real taste of the world outside my small town rural bubble, I had realized I was more of a moderate. Fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I believe in human rights... as in you can't deny anything to anyone based on their sex, race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. And in this state that make you a liberal. And I believe in small government and you need to keep your hands off my money. I'm a dichotomy, I know.

I don't vote a straight ticket and I sure as hell didn't vote for the men who tried to push SB5 through last night. And I sure as hell didn't vote for Rick Perry. That man is an imbecile on his best days. I don't care what side of the pro-life/ pro-choice line you stand on, SB5 was about a Republican agenda to circumvent Federal law. A way to basically ban abortions in our state. A way to strip rights given by our constitution from women in Texas.

This is not a small state. I know this because I live in DFW and I grew up in Ozona, approximately 6 hours southwest of here. Where I grew up there was no Walmart or McDonalds. We had an emergency room but if you needed surgery or a bone set or were having a heart attack then you were ambulanced or Care Flighted out of our county 80 miles to San Angelo. My family ranch burned in 2011 due to the wildfires that scorched our great state. And I had friends who simply did not understand why firefighters didn't just put out the fire. The shear size of this state is sometimes hard to comprehend.

So why would men (and women, there were a couple all for SB5) who claim to want nothing but good health care for the women of this state want a bill to pass that would essentially shut down all clinics in these smaller rural areas? Well, because they perform abortions of course! Forget that they also perform well women visits and mammograms, provide sex education and birth control. And please tell us how its for the safety of women. That if that clinic can't afford to become an ambulatory care center, than it can't possibly be safe.

Please make it illegal for doctors to perform ALL late term abortions even if carrying full term is to the detriment of the unborn fetus, the mother and the family. Please make it even harder for victims of incest and rape to get care and please be sure to tell them that since they didn't get to the "clean me out" rape kit in time that they'll just have to carry that child to term and deal with repercussions at that time.

My sarcasm drips, I know.

Dewhurst and his lackeys tried their damnedest to pass this bill off as being about the protection of women's health, about our safety. And yeet they tried to do it under our noses, hoping no one would notice. What exactly does that say? Let me tell you how they could have made this about women's health and safety: pass legislation that gives funding to these clinics and brings them to whatever standard you see fit. Pass legislation that gives access to sexual education in impoverished areas of our state, teaches girls about what they should do in the case of rape, provides them with safe houses and puts plans in place for their safety. Pass legislation that gives women the tools they need to make wise and educated decisions regarding their health. Pass legislation that makes it harder for late term abortions but still allows doctors to make decisions based on the health and well being of their patients. and last but certainly not least...

Please stop pretending you know what's best for women unless you've actually discussed it with them. The outcry from the women in Texas should have been enough for every single one of our representatives and senators to take a step back and think, "We should maybe reconsider such divisive action." But no one did. They just plowed on with their omnibus bill to the detriment of all Texas women. Because why should they care? Their wives and sisters and daughters will always have access to whatever they want. For that matter so will I. I'm a middle class white woman. I could very easily say this is simply not my problem. But you see that is where the liberal in me starts to show.

I truly believe I owe it to the women of my great state to stand for something other than myself. I owe it my gay friends to say, "WHY?!" Why can't they get married. It doesn't affect the sanctity of my marriage one iota. I owe it to the girls without mothers to protect them and to the scared teenage girls to be their voice. My silence helps no one. And I wasn't raised to be silent. Why should I start now?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The State of our State

To say I'm angered over the current legislation being "discussed" by the representatives of Texas would be an understatement. Shocked, outraged, hurt, bursting at the seams with my disbelief that the people who represent me think I'm incapable of making decisions regarding the safety and well-being of my own body, of my own  mind... all of these would be more accurate and still, yet, do not begin to cover the magnitude of what is coursing through my mind and my body.

If you are not aware of Senate Bill 5 then I encourage you to click here and here.  The first link lets you know who is sponsoring said bill, just how quickly it has been pushed through in order to try and evade the Texas public, and lets you sort through what little discussion pertaining to the bill has been had. The second link lets you read the bill. I encourage you to read it at minimum 3 times as it is written in political code (read: designed to be misleading so that readers will fill in gaps with assumptions). I am not an uneducated woman. I'm not a genius either.

I live in Frisco, Texas. Suburbia at its finest. One of the largest growing populations in this state and in this country. A whopping 27% of Frisco women are stay at home mothers.  I'm not naive about the political climate in which I live. I'm a registered voter and I vote. I also know that most of those whom I voted for are not currently in office. If you are not aware of who represents you on either the State level or the Federal level I encourage you to go here

Senate Bill 5 will effectively take the right to choose out of women's hands and place it in the hands of mostly men, but some women, who feel that they have been placed on this Earth to hand out their moral, ethical and theological belief systems as if they are divinely appointed to be the saving hands of our morally, ethically and theologically reprehensible state. If this bill continues and passes, there will be 6 clinics in all of Texas that will be able to perform abortions. Only located in urban areas and under such strict regulations that a possible 1/4 of all women who attempt to pass through these clinics will be served.

I am not exactly sure when the Constitution of America became about imposing the belief system of those elected to represent onto those they are representing but it is definitely the case with this bill. We have voted you in to office to represent US, not yourself! I don't care what side of the line you stand on. I do not care what your belief system is. What I do care about is that the women in our state are being placed on a bus back to 1945, then placed on train back to 1865 and then a boat back to 1776.

The women of our state are being told that we do not understand what we are doing when and if we walk into an abortion clinic. The women of our state are being told that we are not capable of making choices regarding our own bodies. We are being told that we are not intelligent enough to understand the ramifications of an abortion and therefore instead of allowing us our rights, they are being stripped from us.

As a mother, a Christian, a feminist, a sister, a daughter, a wife and as an actress, let me tell you I understand.

I encourage you to read I'm Naive, Not Stupid on The Oeditrix. Not only is it a moving article it explains the current climate in the State Capitol Building. The way in which these "men" are behaving and acting. I use the term "men" loosely. The measure of a man is in his ability to recognize his limitations. And obviously these "men" have not realized that their limitations include the ability to make choices regarding a body that is not their own.

I beg you to contact your representative. I beg you to educate yourself and to understand what is being pushed forward without your consent. I beg you, for your children and for the children who do not have a voice, to make your voice heard. In a state where we have stripped away easy access to mammograms, obstetric medicine, birth control and sex education for those who do not have the money to buy it for themselves, please, make your voice heard.

If you do not fight to be heard, you will forever be silenced.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Disneyland Dining: Oh the Choices!

Seriously, there are so many options! From California Adventure to Disneyland to Downtown Disney to the hotel restaurants, anything and everything is offered. And along with everything offered comes review after review ranging from amazing to down right horrific. So what do you do? How do you decide? And decide you must because you can start making reservations for your dining experiences 60 days prior to your arrival. 

Well I started with the Disneyland website. And made a list of the restaurants I was interested in for both parks. And then I went to my trusty friend the Internet and found witch just flat out has been one of the best restaurant resources ever, if for no other reason than it has a menu with pricing for almost every single eatery and dining option. And then I stumbled across The Disney Food Blog. Where I found food reviews and even more info. The above web resources are definitely helpful for more than just food but without them, I'd still be swimming in uncharted waters trying to figure out where to plan our meals and Character Dining.

Since we are driving, I plan on packing LOTS of snacks. That is one tip on saving money I garnered that I'm going to put to good use! Also, with the oldest, little man's allergy it really does help to control his intake of corn based products. I'm also traveling with breakfast food since we have the space and need to be fed and out the door very early.

We went ahead and purchased the Disney Dining Plan for our trip. Again after a lot of research, the decision came down to simplicity. Does it save you a lot of money? No. In fact if you are the type of family who orders salads and has extremely picky eaters, than it might actually be more expensive for you to purchase the Dining Plan than to simply pay out of pocket. However... WE are the type of family that orders steak. My kids are the farthest thing from picky eaters and are also likely to pick steak if given the option.

And from the research, I understand that the Disneyland and Disney World Dining Plans are extremely different and that the WDW plan is much more economical and very much worth it. 

What it is, is simpler. I've prepaid for our food and now I don't have to worry about it. The way it works is: you receive one counter service coupon, one table service coupon and one snack coupon per day. The counter service coupon is valued at $15 per adult and $10 per child. So spend it. You won't be receiving any change if you don't. The snack coupon is valued at $5, so same goes here... use it! The table service includes character dining and/or deluxe character dining.

For example: We've purchased the Minnie's 4-Day Dining Plan. So we have 4 snacks per person/ per day, 4 counter service meals per person/ per day, 3 table service/ character dining per person/ per day and 1 deluxe character dining per person/ per day. The above info is very important as I found it no where on the world wide web. I had it explained to me by 3 different Cast Members before I really understood it as each of them explained it very differently. Again, for me, it is all about the simplicity. And who knows how I'll feel about it all after our trip. I'll let you know then.

Here is our reservation list/ Where we plan on eating:
Day 1:
Breakfast - In Room
Lunch - Flo's V-8 Cafe in Cars land, DCA
Dinner -Earl of Sandwich in DTD

Day 2:
Breakfast - In room
Lunch -Tomorrowland Terrace in Tomorrowland, DL
Dinner - Carnation Cafe on Main Street, DL

Day 3:
Breakfast - The Storyteller's Cafe in Grand Californian Hotel
Lunch - French Market in New Orleans Square, DL
Dinner - Date Night - Trader Sam's Tiki Bar in The Disneyland Hotel

Day 4:
Breakfast - Minnie & Friends Breakfast at The Plaza Inn, Main Street, DL
Lunch - Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street, DL
Dinner - Wine Country Trattoria on Paradise Pier, DCA

Day 5:
Breakfast - Goofy's Kitchen in The Disneyland Hotel
Lunch - Paradise Pier Eateries (Lucky Fortune Cookery, Pacific Wharf Cafe, Etc.), DCA
Dinner - Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, DL

I've made reservations for our dinners and our 3 character breakfasts. I'd love to try Napa Rose, Carthay Circle and Steakhouse 55 but our kiddos are too young for restaurants like those and on our date night (we'd originally planned on hitting up Carthay Circle) we are more interested in riding rides and exploring the park sans kiddos than sitting down to a fancy meal. By planning our meals, it has really allowed me to plan out our days accordingly, more on that in my next post!

I've read the menus from each of the restaurants so I know that there are options my kiddos will be interested in. And I've tried really hard to mix up the variety. I'm not a hamburger for every meal type of person. And with my autoimmune issues and the allergies in our family, I have to be more aware of what I and my family eat. We don't need any tummy issues in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mommy of the Year Moments

Carson is obsessed with the Power Rangers. For this week anyway. And trust me if it lasts much longer than this week, he nor I, will survive this summer. And readers, we are only a few days into summer break. I was never on the Power Rangers bandwagon, so I do not understand their appeal. In fact, my mind is boggled. And all of this leads me to today, after nap/ rest time.

I was standing in the kitchen, enjoying a few bites of watermelon. All by myself, thoroughly relishing those seconds of solitude. And in walks Carson. I was expecting a request for watermelon, which I would have gladly granted. But no. We launch into a speech about the Power Rangers. The pink one, blah, the red one, blah, something about a tiger and then a lion and a cow. I really just don't understand! So in a brilliant mommy move, if I do say so myself, I put my fork in a smaller chunk of watermelon and held it out for him to take a bite. And he did. And the Power Rangers diatribe ended. And then he swallowed. Green power ranger, blah, blue power ranger, blah, something about karate, blah, something about... I really don't remember. So I inserted my fork in a larger chunk of watermelon and held it out for him to take a bite. And silence fell upon the kitchen. Again, until he swallowed. And then the Power Rangers talk again... seriously for days now it is all I've heard about!

So the watermelon started appearing faster. He'd talk I'd give him a bite. He'd think about talking I'd give him a bite. This lasted until I could literally no longer keep a straight face and was laughing too hard to actually get the fork into the bowl of watermelon. Oh, you should have seen him. He was so confused! I know, I know. Bad mommy, we aren't supposed to torture our kids.

Well the way I see it I've been tortured for 5 days with the incessant talk of the Power Rangers. And really it was a win, win. He sort of got to talk about the Power Rangers and ate a healthy snack the I didn't have to dirty ay new dishes for and I got a really good laugh!

Mommy of the Year,